You can now purchase Bitcoin (BTC/XBT) for EURs with TEMPO at 89 Blvd Magenta as well as online/mobile throughout the EU. Shortly we will be rolling out other methods.

To purchase for CASH or CARD you need to come to our store at 89 Blvd Magenta 75010 PARIS FR

II. Bring your ID

Please bring your valid Passport, National ID or your residence card. If you plan to purchase large amounts or frequently you may need to provide a proof of residence (typically a utility bill of less than 3 months or mobile phone contract)

III. Note the price you see will be in MilliBitcoin

millibitcoin (plural millibitcoins) A thousandth of a bitcoin or 0.001 BTC, equivalent to 1,000 bits or 100,000 satoshi.

IV. Keep your receipt 

It contains your private key. Tempo does not keep your private key and funds will be lost if you loose it.