1. Sign in to your account and click on “Send money”

2. Click on “Create beneficiary”

3. Fill out the details of your beneficiary. Please ensure to select the country “Crypto”

4. Click on Find Bank & Branch

Choose “Tempo France” as Bank

And “France Partout” as Branche

Click on “OK”

5. Click on “Find Collection Point”.

Select “Ile de France” as State

Select “TEMPOFRANHQ” as Collection Point

Click on “OK”

6. Click on “Save Changes”

7. Verify the details of your beneficiary and click on “Next”

8. Select “Cash Collection”

9. Select your source of Income and Purpose of Remittance and click on “Next”

10. Select “Pay with Stellar (EURT, XLM, BTC)

11. Enter the amount you want to send. Select destination currency “EUR” and click on “Submit”


Pay with Stellar (EURT, XLM, BTC) Payment Information

Stellar Crypto Payment (EURT, XLM, BTC)

To pay with Stellar you will send the EURT/EUR to in*tecrmpo.eu.com or 


In the memo field you will need to at the Transaction Reference number:TEC052440219556  and set the field type to text

To buy EURT/EUR coins with bitcoin you would need use the stellar network using naobtc.com and then purchase the EURTs. Tools such as stargazer or stellarterm.com would help with that.

Please see the FAQ for more information