TEMPO seeks to protect you from fraud and other criminal activity as best as possible. However, when it comes to fraud prevention – the first step starts with you. When you transfer funds with TEMPO, we will ask you some questions that help us to warn you of some fraud risk in certain cases. However, please stay alert and do not engage in any suspicious transactions!

Here are two types of situation where you should NOT send funds via our network or any other:

1. Any situation where you do not know the recipient of the funds personally, particularly if:
You are told that you have won a prize or will receive a gift, a loan or something else of value, but that, first, you need to send a payment. The payment is sometimes described as necessary to pay shipping, customs duties, administrative fees or, perhaps, taxes. You cannot win a contest you did not enter or receive a loan without applying for it.

2. Someone has sent you a check for more than the amount due and you are asked to return the excess funds. Tell the sender you will tear up the check (which may be forged and cannot be cashed) and to send a new check in the correct amount.

You are promised that money will be deposited in your bank account and you are asked to return excess funds above a certain amount. Your bank account will never be credited for the promised amount.

3. Any situation where you have been asked by e-mail or text message to send emergency funds to someone you know, unless you have actually spoken to them or someone close to them to confirm that the emergency actually exists. This is a very common type of fraud. Supposedly, your friend, nephew, cousin, etc. has a medical emergency, is stranded somewhere with no papers, no money and no cell phone or has been kidnapped. Check first. 

They are probably fine and the money will go to a fraudster, not to them. Never provide your personal financial information such as your bank account number or credit card number, unless you know the requester or are certain of their identity. If you are asked to “update” your financial information via the internet, don’t do so without checking with your regular account representative.

In all these cases, it’s probably a scam. You will not receive what was promised to you, but the money you send will be gone forever.

If you find out that you have been a victim of a fraud and have sent money to a scammer via TEMPO’s network, please contact us immediately. We will stop the payment if we can.

We are here to help!