In Stellar there are over 2500 token types or "Assets" and more getting created every week. Popular ones include the EURT, MOBI and HKDT.

In order to hold any other token than Stellar Lumens (XLM) in your wallet you need to trust the asset first. This locks up a small amount of your lumens while you trust them. In order to remove the trust you need to have a balance of 0 beforehand.

For example in the below wallet I trust EURT but I don't trust MOBI. This means I can accept EURT but if someone tries to send me MOBI they will get an error. All stellar wallets allow you to add trust lines to tokens.


See below - you click on assets and "Add asset"


1) Click Assets

2) Click More assets

If you are using Lobstr wallet - please see a screenshot here.


Already supports Tempo's Assets

Follow the faq on their site: