Stellar is a decentralized payment network. It is a non-profit organization that aims to connect banks, payment systems and people to make cross-border payments faster and more affordable.

The cryptocurrency that Stellar issues is called Stellar Lumens or XLM.

If you are buying Lumens for the first time, the first thing that you need to do is to set up a wallet to keep your XLMs safe. There are several Stellar wallets available in the market but in this article, I’ll be sharing two easy ways to set-up your Stellar wallet so that you can start buying and receiving XLMs and other assets issued within the Stellar network such as the EURT, a digital token pegged to the euro.

When creating a Stellar wallet, you need to keep two things. The first one is your public key and the second one is your private key. The public key is the address that you send your XLMs to. You use your private key to login to your account. You should keep the private key safely to avoid your assets being stolen.

They look like this:

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The good news is that there are two easy ways to set up a Stellar wallet without having to worry about these two keys.

1. Papayabot Telegram

@PapayaBot ( is a Telegram chat-bot, multi-currency wallet which can be used via Telegram. The first step is to download the Telegram application in your mobile or desktop.

In Papayabot, you do not need to remember your public or private keys as they are directly linked to your Telegram account.

Once you’ve downloaded Telegram, send a message to Papayabot, “/start. ”Kindly note that you need to buy or receive at least 1 XLM for your wallet to be activated. You can easily purchase XLMs at in person or via their worldwide payment network.

Click on the “Wallet” icon.

Click on “Receive” You will then see your papayabot wallet address: patriciamarcos*

This is the wallet address where you can send your assets.

2. Lobstr

Lobstr is a wallet for Stellar. You can download it on your mobile or your desktop. The first step is to sign up.

After signing up, you will be receiving a verification email. Click on it to verify your account. Then, login.

Click on the upper left hand corner and click on “Receive”. You will then see your username and you can use this username to send XLMs to yourself.

You can easily purchase XLMs at in person or via their worldwide payment network. For more information, please contact