A) Through a TEMPO Agent in EU

1)Find an agent near you in France or Germany. For a list of agent locations


2) Go to the agent. Remember to bring your ID (passport, national ID or resident permit)

3) At the agent ask to send to country:  CRYPTO

4) In the account field, on lobstr there is myaccount*lobstr.co and in telegram you can get it from /receive.  Or the agent will need to add your Stellar public key. Ask the agent to add your email address to the transfer as it will make it easier for you next time. 


If you don’t have a Stellar public key yet, you may easily set-up an account by downloading Lobster or Telegram. 


 (they also have a mobile wallet)

5) You should have the the money in your coins wallet within minutes. 


B) Via TEMPO's  Online website

1) Create an online account with TEMPO by going to http://tempo.eu.com and clicking on "JOIN NEW MEMBER". Please upload a valid ID. It can be a passport or a national ID card issued by any member country of the European Union. Your account will be verified and you will receive a verification email. 


2) Sign in to your account and create your transfer. Follow the step-by-step procedure here:

4) Click on “Create Beneficiary”

5. Fill out the necessary details of the beneficiary - you should normally fill in your own name.

6. In the Account Number field, please fill out the Stellar public key/or Stellar Federated Address (more like jed*stellar.org with the special star)!


Click on “Save Changes”

8. Click on “Send Money” beside the name of your beneficiary. 

10. In the Delivery Method, please select “Account Transfer” and then, click on “Next”

11. Please select “Source of income” and “Purpose of Remittance” 

Verify your account number. 

12. Click on “Next”

13. Select your mode of payment and click on “Next”.

14. In the destination amount, please select, “XLM”. In the promotion code, please enter: TempoXLM to benefit from a commission-free first purchase. 


Pay for your transfer and you will be receiving the XLMs in your wallet in a few minutes.