1. Fill out the beneficiary details and select “Crypto” as his/her country. Normally you should put your own information as the beneficiary.

2. Please select “Account Transfer” as the delivery method

3.  In the account name, enter your Stellar public key or the stellar federated address: myname*lobstr.co

4. Click on “Find Bank & Branch”. In the Bank, please select “TEMPO Crypto”. In the State, please select “N/A”. In the City, please select, “N/A”. In the Branch, Please select, “TEMCRPA”. Click on OK. Click on “Next”

5. Please select your  mode of payment

6. Please select the amount that you want to send and select “EUR” as destination amount.

7. Click in “SUBMIT” and pay for your transfer

Depending which payment method you have selected you will have to pay:

For SEPA: need to send a SEPA wire to TEMPO with some information in the notes field to identify the transaciton

For CARD: you need to fill in the pop-up up window. Your card will need to be 3D Secure (EU). Normally you will receive an SMS with validation from your bank.

For SOFORT: there will be a popup

YOU HAVE 24 HOURS for the FUNDS to arrive.