1) Stellar federated addresses make it easier to send you Lumens or Stellar based assets. 

Instead of sending digital assets to a long public key:


you could send to a short name like


If you buy lumens or EURT from a TEMPO agent it is much easier to provide them your federated address than to have them use a QR scanner. Not everyone knows how to do that or has the software installed.

How can I get a stellar federated address?

There are several services providing this. Federation is included in Lobstr.co wallet,  Papayabot Wallet, and Stargazer.


If you are using a platform that does not have it included such as stellarport.io or stellarterm.com you can use https://fed.network/ to create one of your own.

Warning: You need to trust the service that is doing the federation.

If the service providing the federation gets hacked or taken over they could redirect payments going to you.

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